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  • The final traverse to the summit of Wheeler Mountain - Mosquito Range, Colorado
  • Rest before the summit push - Dallas Peak, San Juan Range, Colorado
  • Broken ankle + 6 miles = Tired
  • Looking into Noname Basin from Twin Thumbs Pass - San Juan Range, Colorado
  • Upper Noname Basin - San Juan Range, Colorado
  • Approaching Noname Cabin - San Juan Range, Colorado
  • Lying in wait in upper Noname Basin - San Juan Range, Colorado
  • The classic San Juan approach - San Juan Range, Colorado
  • Nearing the summit of Pt. 13,736 - Sawatch Range, Colorado
  • Group shot on summit of Mt. Bierstadt - Front Range, Colorado
  • Topping out on Mt. Arkansas's North Couloir - Mosquito Range, Colorado
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    The long ridge to the summit of California Peak - Sangre de Christo Range, Colorado
  • Artesonraju from the summit of Nevado Pisco, Cordillera Blanca, Peru
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    Windy conditions on Iowa Peak - Sawatch Range, Colorado
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    Morning snow on Cerro Ramada - Cordillera Ramada, Argentina
  • Mid Fall snow climbing on Casco Peak - Sawatch Range, Colorado
  • Roadside lunch on the long hike out - Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru
  • The long road to Pachanta, Cordillera Vicanota, Peru
  • Winter on Pacific Peak's West Ridge, Ten Mile Range, Colorado
  • Summit! Cerro Lliani - Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru
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    Final Ridge on Iowa Peak, Sawatch Range, Colorado
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    Afternoon in Camp at 17k on Cerro Ramada - Cordillera Ramada, Argentina
  • The beauty named Silverheels - Mosquito Range, Colorado
  • The reward is the view, Drift Peak, Ten Mile Range, Colorado
  • Traversing . . . Gladstone Peak, San Juan Range, Colorado
  • Mule train bound for Chilca - Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru
  • Camping light - Holy Cross Ridge, Sawatch Range, Colorado
  • Kicking steps on Cerro Lliani - Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru
  • Summer summit on Long's Peak - Front Range, Colorado
  • A rest day at Pachanta Hot Springs, Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru
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    Afternoon surprise on Cerro Ramada - Cordillera Ramada, Argentina
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    Ridge running on Grizzly Peak - Sawatch Range, Colorado
  • Mind over matter on Mt. Parnassas, Front Range, Colorado
  • Nevado Ausangate from Pachanta, Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru
  • El Cumbre, Nevado Campa I, Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru
  • Talus on Halo Ridge, Mt. of the Holy Cross - Sawatch Range, Colorado
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    High altitude cerebral edema? - Cordillera Ramada, Argentina
  • Taking a break on Cerro Lliani - Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru
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    The real thing at Willow Lake - Sange de Christo Range, Colorado
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    Winter climbers on Grays Peak - Front Range, Colorado
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    Moonrise over Mercedario - Cordillera Ramada, Argentina
  • Road march, day 2 - Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru
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    After the climb in Barreal Argentina
  • 20,900 and climbing on Cerro Ramada - Ramada Range, Argentina
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    Crossing el Rio Colorado in the afternoon - Cordillera Ramada, Argentina
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    Deteriorating conditions on Mt. Arkansas - Ten Mile Range, Colorado
  • Taking in the view from the summit of Crystal Peak - Tenmile Range, Colorado
  • Glissade on Mt. Arkansas - Mosquito Range, Colorado
  • Hard snow morning on Teakettle Mountain - San Juan Range, Colorado
  • Spring snow announced the start of the climb of Dallas Peak, San Juan Range, Colorado
  • Crossing the Eolus Catwalk - San Juan Range, Colorado
"People usually treat climbing as a goal oriented sport instead of an experience oriented sport. However, the lessons and spirit of climbing come from the act of climbing, and their value does not depend on reaching a summit." Mark Twight, Extreme Alpinism.

From Colorado 14'ers to Andean giants, Climbing with Bob tells of climbing from Aspen to Argentina. Our outings range from Colorado day trips to 75 mile multi week treks through remote Andean valleys.

Climbing with Bob is the adventure of climbing as we experience it . . . from the planning and logistics to sometimes standing atop the summit.

There is something here for anyone interested in mountaineering, from alpinists to family and friends. Take a moment, peruse the site and share in our climbing adventure .

A sample page? Solitude on "Anderson" Peak the Sawatch's westernmost Bicentennial



From Colorado's 14'ers. . .
to South America's Andes